Tiki (tikigoddess8) wrote in thequestionclub,

My boyfriend's going through a really tough time. He lost his maternal grandfather three weeks ago, and his paternal grandfather just died today. He lives far away and I work, so I can't drive to be with him right now. I've never lost a grandparent, much less two in one month, so I know I can't say "I know how you feel".

My question is - what can I do for him? I'm thinking about sending a card and a teddy bear to his apartment when he gets back to show that I do care and I'm there for him, even though I'm far away. He's not the type to appreciate flowers. We've only been together for 2.5 months. I don't want to do something totally corny and inappropriate, but I do want to make some kind of gesture. What do you all suggest?

To those of you who've lost people close to you - what kind of gestures from friends meant a lot to you, and what kinds of gestures were unwelcome?
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