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You're more than late.

What do you do when you get stood up? How long do you wait, and then what do you do? Call? Leave? Wait more? :P

Does it matter who stood you up?

How about if someone you want to talk to said they'd call/MSN you at a certain time, and then doesn't?

How do you feel? Do you tell them? Is it a big deal for you?

Yeah, my dad was 45 mins late to pick me up at the station, now my bf was an hour late to meet me online (LDR) and "has nothing interesting to say". I'm not having such a good evening.

I think I wait too long, because I'm used to my parents being late to get me since I was in school. I'll call sometimes, but usually I wait half an hour to an hour first, unless there's some rush like a film starting or something. I find it annoying, but I rarely comment on it, unless the person doesn't apologize.

I don't know what to do about the net. It's not like I can afford to call him to say "get your ass online!" It's disappointing, and it makes me sad, particularly as we can't see each other very often (once a month if we're lucky) and he makes a big deal about wanting to "see" me every day. I think it's going to be a big deal if it turns into a more regular thing, but it seems a dumb thing to get upset about. I didn't tell him how I feel: I don't know what to say.
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