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1) What's the funniest name on LJ you've ever seen?

2) Where do you live?

3) When you've taped a show and are fast forwarding through the commercials, do you rewind the tape if you accidentally fast forward through even a couple SECONDS of tape?

4) If someone posts questions that are numbered, do you reply with your numbers the same way they posted it? (Example: Post = 4) Reply = 4), Post = 1. Reply = 1.)

1) cheesus_crust or someone I saw on this community list, boobie_tassels

2) Ontario, Canada

3) Yes! I caught myself doing it today. I was watching a taped episode of Big Brother.. and fast forwarded a couple seconds through what Julie Chen was saying.. and even though I KNEW she was just saying 'welcome back and blah-deeblah, I'm repeating exactly what I said before the commercial break, you moron don't rewind the tape!' .... I just rewound it for my own satisfaction.

4) No. I like to mix it up. :D That isn't to say I'll never post the numbers the same.
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