Theresa Campagna (__ardor) wrote in thequestionclub,
Theresa Campagna


i think i might have broken my tv. if someone can help me i'd be grateful. i am not finding info on a solution.

1) i was in the process of watching a movie and decided it was not loud enough. so i reached to turn it up and instead hit the channel button which caused static.

2) in order to correct this, i attempted figuring out how to autoprogram so i could go back to the channel where the movie was playing. in the process i might have fried a circuit by pushing one button too much.

because now the tv is flashing. the screen reads the current channel, 03, below it alm and the time (which is wrong). it is keeping time but i am finding i cannot touch any button. i've been waiting about an hour for it to settle but it has not. i can't even turn off the tv. unplugging it won't do anything. i have an rca xl100. no manual is available online. it's an older tv. please respond if you know what the problem is and/or help me to make it stop flashing. :(
Tags: tv
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