Chocokid (chocokid) wrote in thequestionclub,

Car Accident

Yesterday I was in the parking garage at my school and I was rear-ended. My car was idle (I was waiting for the person in front of me to get his spot and couldn't pass him), and the car behind me hit me because the girl behind his car ran into him. I just got out of the car and looked to see the damage (which, at the time, was only about 4 indents shaped like circles from the screws in his license plate). I then got back into my car and pulled to the right so other cars could eventually pass because I was too shakey to drive from an already stressful morning. The guy and girl who were behind me got out of their cars and looked at the damage, then got back into their cars and drove off.

Now for my questions:
1. Is this a hit and run? The kid who hit me (even though it technically wasn't his fault, but he still hit me) NEVER approached me to see if I was ok or to see the damage he did to my car. He only talked to the girl who hit him.

2. I never wrote down his plates because he drove off too quickly. Today I discovered that my trunk does not close (it doesn't click shut). This must be a result of the accident--something must have shifted out of place. So now--I plan on looking for his car and writing down the plates. What would I do with that information though?

3. Should I report this to my college? I go to a community college. Should I have his plates or would they still want to know if I didn't have them? Or do they not care at all?
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