Jem (joanypoo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Puppy obedience

How do you get a puppy to stop nipping? My dog's about 5 months old and gets VERY hyper. For about an hour each day, he flips out and runs wild around the house at lightning speed. He'll do drive-by-nippings...Run to you, bite, run away, run to you, bite, run away. I'm covered in tiny tooth-shaped scabs. He also nips a lot when we try to pet or play with him.

I've looked all over the internet...Tried water guns (he likes the water), tried yelling, tried whimpering like a hurt puppy (yes, one site recommended this), tried holding him down until he calms himself...Nothing works. He's getting bigger and bigger and it's going to be horrible if he's still like this when he reaches 50+ lbs.
Tags: dogs
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