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Birth Control

Ok, yesterday (Wednesday) around 11:30 I went to my appointment to get a pill refill. I have been having an ongoing problem, so once more they decided to have me try a different pill. I was recently on OTC (after coming off OTC Lo) and they switched me to Ortho Cyclen. I would normally start my new pills on Wednesdays, but the nurse said to wait until Sunday to begin the new pills since I am on my period (I usually bleed the first and sometimes second day after beginning a new pack) and to use back up BC for a month. Well, she always tells me that and I just take the sticker to set a new start date out of the instructions and make it so I can read it to start on Wednesdays without getting confused. I briefly looked over the new packet, but there's no stickers to change the day - but it does say you can begin on a different day than Sundays. I got frustrated and went to sleep because I had been up over 24 hours. Normally I take my pills around 4pm-ish, but I was thinking about what she said and the lack of the sticker and passed out. But then (just now) I was reading and all the active pills are the same, so I realised I *can* just start on Wednesday and follow around the pack like normal, I just won't start at the top middle like normal. So I took the one for Wednesday (around 6 am-ish) and will take today's (Thursday's) at my usual 4pm.

Now I am worried about the extra 14 hours between when I was supposed to take it yesterday - should everything be ok? I know on the OTC website it says if you're switching different pills all in the OTC family, you don't have to use back up but I am worried about my small time gap. The nurse was old and cranky about my hesitance to wait almost a week to start new pills, so I wanted to ask you guys and hopefully get some help without having to call her and admit I didn't listen to her because I don't want my periods on the weekends (I've been slowly changing new pill pack start dates to configure the No Bleeding on Weekends Schedule I desire, lol!). Thanks in advance for all the awesome help!

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