Shady Lane (_annihilate) wrote in thequestionclub,
Shady Lane

I've googled this, but the medical sites are hard to understand and I'm hoping someone can explain it in terms I can understand.

My stepdad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, and it has spread to his brain. The doctors said he will probably live for a year, and he is unlikely to live for two years. They said it would take a miracle for him to survive for 5 years.

I (kind of) understand how cancer forms, but I don't understand how or why it kills people. I'm wondering what will happen to his health while he is still with us. How much pain does it cause?

They found two tumors, one in his brain and one in his chest. They were able to remove the one in his brain on August 29th, 5 days after they discovered it. He went to the emergency room because he was having bad headaches and his doctor just gave him medicine and it didn't do anything. They did x-rays and found the tumors.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could say what I might be able to expect. I know it's different for everyone, but I'd like to try to prepare myself as best as possible. I know the chemotherapy will make him sick. How does chemo help? If it makes you sick, how can it make you get better, too?

I'd really appreciate anything anyone can offer.

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