Alison (xstilladreamerx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone sent in there 15 proofs of purchase for a T-shirt and recieved it? I really want to do this. but I want to make sure I'll get my T-shirt.

If you were to get one of those T-shirts, which one would you send in for?

How much do you usually pay in bills a month? How much is your rent? What kind of place do you live in?

Let's see. . .
Car insurance: ~$136/month
Renters ins.: ~$22/month
Rent: $719 includes $20 for a carport.(2-bedroom apt. washer/dryer in unit. about970square ft)
Cell phones: $50 and $26
Electricity: ~$100
Water: ~$20-30
Internet: ~$45

Total: ~$1100
This doesn't even include what expenses we have for our son(food, diapers, etc.)

My fiance is the only one that works and he makes about. . . $1200-$1500/month.

So I am asking this because I need to see if anyone has any ideas on where we could save money. Our apartment lease is up in December. So we are going to look into getting a one bedroom, or find a cheaper two bedroom. Are there any areas that we could save money? or any tips anyone has? Thanks.

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