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On a fourm I frequent some women asked this question
"Please forgive me for being so explicit, but i just have to ask
this. is there anyone who really, honestly makes love anymore?"

It hurts to hear that. That somone doesn't know about making love. Not just being without it, but questioning if it ever happens anymore, if it ever exists anymore. They question making love.
I reply "I sure as hell hope there is. That is what we all should be having and looking for. It is what makes us be what we are, and feel what we feel. I could not imagine a world without making love, and or having love. For you to ask this question hurts my heart. It has to have you question not only the act, but the emotion in genral. I assure you there are people out there that are in fact making love, and in my case people that do make love. Sex is too personal for it to be a fling. I can deal with flings over all, but I make love to everyone I am with. I just do not have sex. That, is in fact, mutial masterbation. What is the point in that? I want to feel, and have the person feel. I wear my emotions out on my sleave, so I get hurt easily and all the time, but I will never be guilty of not feeling" I am a man. I am a real man. I am not god damn ashamed to admit anything at all.

My question, is the same as hers.. you you beleive that people still make love?

If you have somebody tonight ...Please let them know, turn of the LJ and make love to them tonight.
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