Ix (alpha_orionis_v) wrote in thequestionclub,

Question about a Samsung L73 Camera

I have a Samsung L73 with those fiddly little "Smart Touch" buttons, running vertically and horizontally. With the smart touch buttons, the point is to be able to use them to slide certain things around like your E/V balance, or your megapixel setting.


Basically, I can use the vertical menu items. Megapixels, flash, the timer, and anything else there. I cannot use E/V balance, manual focus, ISO, or white balance. Even picking the different scene modes is hit and miss.

Is my camera borked, or do I just need to clean/adjust something? Their tech support wasn't very helpful, since I'm long out of warranty, and Google just gave me places to buy a camera I already have. :(

ETA: Yes, the buttons worked before. I've had the camera somewhere between two and three years, but they only started failing within the last few months, until recently, when they failed all together.

I can still press them in to select individual menu items, but I can't use any of the slide features.
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