Marla Foxx (forgivenwords) wrote in thequestionclub,
Marla Foxx

A few questions for the teachers of this comm...

In a few weeks I'll be starting my own English class at a nursing home. There I will be teaching the English language to immigrants (from ages 24 to 45) that work there. Before you ask, I have already gotten the permission of the owner. My main questions are for those that have been teaching immigrants the English language for some time. I'm only 19, and have only some experience in the area of teaching (tutoring) so I want to make sure that I'll be doing things correctly. I have some ideas but I want to be absolutely sure of my tactics, and methods.

1.) What do your lesson plans look like physically?

2.) What are some of your teaching methods? Every student has a different learning style but what are the best that work all around?

3.) Can you recommend any Children's books that have aided you the best in the past with your teachings?

4.) How and in what way do you keep track of every classes' activities besides lesson plans?

5.) What are some ways to keep students focused and interested?

6.) How do you keep yourself connected and friendly with your students without coming off as being too strict?

7.) What should come first, grammar, comprehension, spelling and/or something else?

Any other tips would be helpful. Any at all. I'm open to any friendly, yet helpful advice.

Thank you.
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