Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated

My friend is a finalist in a contest where she could win $10k for her wedding (and some other various small things). Here's some wedding questions that are kind of inspired by her... What would your 10k wedding be like? Would you do it differently if you won the money vs paying for it yourself/your family giving it to you? Would you split it up for the honeymoon/anything else or spend it all on the wedding?

We eloped and it was stressful enough! I think I'd still elope and maybe do just few things differently (maybe a different dress, though I loved mine). I'd also go on a nicer honeymoon than I had and pocket the rest if there was anything left over, LOL!
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