perception is reality (insideand_out) wrote in thequestionclub,
perception is reality

okay so my bf and i have been arguing these past few days and i know its because ive been trying to get him to spend more time with me and smothering him.
so we've decided to sleep in different rooms for the next couple days

have you ever done this with your S/O?
im not really happy about it, but whatever makes him happy.

Our arguing got so bad that he told me to move out, then changed his mind when i was packing my stuff, im grateful for that, and he just said i wanna relax, and hes got alot of stuff on his head, as well as i do.

What do you and your S/o argue about?

What have you eaten today?

i also got a second interview for my job (thats good, right?) im super happy right now and nothing can relaly bring me down :)
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