Marcy (sonadora9) wrote in thequestionclub,

Advice for phone protection

This past weekend I was sitting on a bench next to my boyfriend. He had set a cup of coffee down near there, and I accidentally knocked it over, spilling it on his phone.

The thing wasn't sopping, but an entire side did get wet, and it wouldn't work right at first. He ended up listening to the advice of family members and dried it, then put it in the oven at a low temperature, and now the thing is working again.

If it hadn't started working again, though, this would be the third phone of his in a two-month span that was destroyed by a water related incident. His 18-ish month old daughter decided to drop one in a cup of water; the next one got wet in a downpour; and now this. I want to get him some sort of waterproof or water resistant case for it, sort of like they make for some iPods, but I have had little luck finding anything.

Question: Any advice on where I should look/what I should try? It's a Verizon Pocket PC, but when I looked on the VZW website, the closest I could find to it, visually, was a SMT5800 (which may well be the same thing and I'm just technologically incompetent and can't tell it's the same thing if it's not listed as "pocket pc").

For those with no advice or input on this and/or who simply don't care, what cell phone company do you have, and do you like it? If you don't have a cell phone, do you wish you did? Why/why not?
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