Cordelia Fiterre (cordelia_sue) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cordelia Fiterre

We adopted a rescue Saint Bernard a year and a half ago. He's an awesome dog, but he wasn't raised right and he has some issues. He is SUPER protective of our home, especially with strangers, but sometimes even with friends. We are trying to work through this with him, but don't expect too much out of him (he's six years old now).

When it's hot, we have the front door open with a strong baby gate across it, and the gate has a standard bright red "beware of dog" sign on it. I cannot believe how many people come up to our door and stand RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR, like less than a foot away, within easy biting distance for even a smaller dog. The sign is there for a reason. My dog WILL bite you if you come right up to the door. Who needs to stand that close to a door of a stranger anyway?

My question is, if someone disregards the sign and stands too close to the door and gets bit, are we liable for that? I don't want anyone to try to sue us or get our dog put down. I may need to put a chain up across the bottom of the stairs with a beware of dog sign and a bell or something. It would be overkill and a bit ridiculous, but people seem to be disregarding the existing sign. I'd rather not do that, and would like to know if we'd be liable if someone got bit before deciding how to proceed.
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