Meow (aerynmoo) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am math stupid. Can any of you help me with this math problem?

This is from the Unemployment website. I'm trying to determine how much money my husband can make before it'll get deducted from his unemployment check. i.e. is it more profitable to not work and continue to search for a full time career or can he work part time and also receive unemployment.

The earnings allowance is the maximum amount a claimant may earn in a compensable week before the weekly benefit amount is reduced. It is computed by dividing the claimant's high quarter wages by 13, multiplying this result by ten percent (0.10), and rounding any amount which is not a whole dollar down to the next lower whole dollar.

For example, the earnings allowance for a claimant with high quarter wages of $3,639.38 is computed below:

EA = $3,639.38 (Hi Qtr Wages) divided by 13 x 0.10 (10%)
EA = $279.95 x 0.10 or $27.99
EA = $27.00 (rounded down to $27.00)

Earnings over this amount are deducted dollar for dollar from weekly benefits.

And the relevant information: He receives $410 a week in unemployment benefits and minimum wage is $7.25. Basically, how many hours a week can he work without getting the amount deducted from his unemployment benefit?
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