riiight. (esoteria) wrote in thequestionclub,

A resume question, if anyone has a moment. First, when listing previous employers, I know you list them chronologically with current job first. What if you have three current jobs (They are all part time or seasonal)? Do you list the one you've been at the longest first, or the most recent one first? Also, should I leave off previous employment that isn't STRICTLY RELATED to the job at hand? I'm applying for a vet tech position, so should I only put on lab and tech jobs? Or everything involving animals? Or.. everything altogether? (Why is this such a difficult thing? I have no idea.)

And where the heck is the "justify" or "align right" option on Word? It used to be up top with "align left" and "center", but they're not. :/ Thank you.

Edit: One more thing - I've heard you should keep it to one page, if possible. Can i reduce to 10 font to achieve this?
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