Smitha (smittenbyu) wrote in thequestionclub,

medical insurance

In the US, do doctors have access to what medicines are covered by your medical insurance plan? I know pharmacists do as they always tell me that the medicine prescribed by Doc is not covered by insurance or there's an alternative that's cheaper, etc. Do doctor's have access to this information? Because it annoys me to make a trip to the doctor, take the prescription to the pharmacy and then find that it's not covered and to change the prescription the doctor will charge for the change. So, I have to debate which is a cheaper way to go about it. Luckily for me, my conditions have not been dire enough that I couldn't go back to get it changed, etc.

I ask as I am heading off to see the doctor tomorrow. (And thanks for all the helpful responses! I haven't gone completely paranoid yet! :) )
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