Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, I googled this one a little.
My roommate's boyfriend claims to be allergic to alcohol.
The one other person I know who claims this is a pathological liar, and the roommmate's boyfriend kinda seems to be one too(I don't care about your past lives or supposed medical knowledge, stfu).

Now, googling has lead me to believe that it's possible to be allergic to the ingredients in alcohol- say yeast, the particular fruit or grain the drink is made with, sulfites... and the people who had written into the site all had more hay-fever-ish type allergic reactions. Being allergic to alcohol itself is much less common and the results aren't really referenced.

the roommate's boyfriend claims to have the "omg who slipped a peanut into my brownie throatswellupdie" kindof reaction.

Anyone here actually allergic to alcohol itself? would that be the reaction? would he then also be allergic to any other thing int he alcohol family, like rubbing alcohol?
Or is he just bullshitting? what might be something to prove he's BSing? (something like how most people wouldn't think jello isn't a vegetarian food, something that has alcohol in it that he wouldn't have thought of and proceeded to consume and not die)

EDIT: I do NOT mean that I want to poison him. jeesus. I mean like... something that he's already eaten in the past, that I've seen him eat, that would say "hey, you're full of shit". Like if I caught him using nyquil or eating tiramisu, but something less obvious that he, in his lying, wouldn't know that he couldn't eat.

On why i give a shit: because with the other pathological guy, the thing that made him stop/slow down was "look. there is no girlfriend in africa. none of us are that stupid. and I just kicked your ass with the practise swords, so you obviously are not trained with real ones." and with a girl at my middle school, it was "bull shit, the CIA does not look for missing civilian middle school girls. Or the FBI."
I'd like to deal a little less with his bullshit on a day to day basis.
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