Ashy (ashy) wrote in thequestionclub,


I know everyone has different body chemistry and perfumes smell different on different people, blah blah. But My perfume just recently broke and it can't be fixed. It was OP Juice and it was fruity. I liked it but personally I think it smells a little 'young'. Can any of you ladies recommend a classy smelling perfume? I don't want something that'll make me smell like I rolled around in the flowers for hours or anything that makes me smell like a grandma or a french whore. So having said that, any recommendations?

Oh and men if you'd like to add your fav scents for females that'd be nice too. I'd get my bf to pick something out for me but he's lazy and would probably pick something french whorey so...yeah. Thanks all. :)

Oh and in case no one wants to read all that: I'm looking for recommendations for women's perfume :)
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