spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin' (mbmargarita) wrote in thequestionclub,
spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

Firefox, why you playin' like you don't know me??

Yeah, in all seriousness, suddenly my Firefox is acting like it's just been brand new installed, when I've had it for months and months. All my links, auto logins, bookmarks, extensions, everything, it's all suddenly disappeared. It's not a disaster of course, god knows I never look at my bookmarks after I save them pshh, but it is an inconvenience. Like, now I have to actually remember my passwords for things!

Is this a symptom of something terrible, or some harmless randomness? Any way to recover all that mess without doing it myself?

ETA: Nevermind, it was something to do with some program automatically opening Firefox for me and when I closed Firefox and reopened it all was hunkydory. I'm leaving this post up instead of deleting it though because other people had the same problem...
Tags: firefox
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