A (feathersgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

so the other day i posted about my alarm randomly getting unplugged. I finally talked to my roommate two days after it happened and she said hers was just blinking like the power went off. We kind of brushed it off just thinking it was something weird that happen. Then this morning HER alarm was unplugged! we decided that it's totally fucking creepy and we think someone came into our apartment. I called the apartment manager and he's sending someone over asap to change our locks. He was concerned with there being two girls alone here.

I'm really fucking nervous about spending the night here now. Should I call my brother and make him let me stay at his house for awhile? Will the change of locks fix this? I don't think anyone else has a key to our apartment but who knows! Why is this person coming into our apartment and unplugging our alarm clocks?
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