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[ADMIN] Updated rules and new joining process

Okay we've updated the rules. Check them out. Let us know if you think anything should be added. We're trying not to be rule-mongers but lately we've been left with no choice. That being said there's been another change.

Due to the latest series of trolls/spammers and people who get banned and join over and over again under different journal names, you now have to request permission to join the community. You go through the same process you would to join any open community but this way we have to approve or deny requests to join the community. This will remain in effect until further notice.

As far as the new rules go, if you're just causing trouble, you will be banned. We reserve the right to ban anyone that is causing problems with or without a warning. Usually we will warn you ahead of time but if it's just constant vulgarity, flaming people for no reason, and/or disgusting/inappropriate questions, you will be banned. No warning. We're tired of the constant complaints b/c of trolls (not saying don't complain if you see a troll before we do) and are trying to prevent it from happening.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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