Meow (aerynmoo) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I recently started talking to my ex fiance again after not having spoken to him in 5+ years. We broke up about 7 years ago. My husband is fully aware and approves of us talking. There is no romantic interest there. Having said all this:

WHY are my family and friends FREAKING out about this?? Whenever I mention to someone that we're talking again they all react the same way: with shock and the question "Does your husband know???"

Is what I'm doing somehow wrong? Is it impossible to be friends with someone you used to date? I'm happily married and there are no romantic ties left with him. My husband doesn't give a crap. Why do they all care? He and I were always better friends than lovers anyways. They keep saying they're mad at him for how he treated me but it was seriously so far in the past. We were young and stupid. If I can forgive him and he can apologize, it's all good on my end.

tl;dr version: Is it okay to be friends with an ex?
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