Ila O'God (fuzzyila) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ila O'God

Love me tender....

1. Would you stay with a person whose affections for you weren't as strong as yours for them?
ie. you love someone, but they've admitted to you that while they care for you, they don't love you back.

1b. What would make you stay?

2. Would you stay in a situation like #1 if the roles were reversed?

3. Has someone ever said "I love you" to you and you just didn't know what to say or weren't ready to say it back? How did it make you feel?

So, I've had this boyfriend for nearly a year now. I love him and I tell him. He hasn't actually said it in so many words, but I know he doesn't love me right now. In the past, I've had a tendancy to sabotage my relationships when they do not go according to this strange internal timeline I have in my head. I figure if someone hasn't told me they love me within a year, it's time to go. (I have some love and trust issues, in case you haven't already noticed). This time, I am really, really, really trying hard to break out of that. I want to enjoy what we have right now and stop worrying about the future. He is a great guy and very affectionate, he just doesn't say very much about anything, especially feelings.
I want someone to tell me I'm not being mental by not running away this time :)
Tags: relationships
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