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A question for the techy people on here. I want, well, need would be a better word, to buy myself a TFT monitor. I have had a look on Kelkoo to get an idea of prices, and it looks like I can get a 15" for £110-£140 or a 17" for £140 upwards. My question, what should I be looking for spec wise, as none of it means anything to me. Is it better to get one of the more expensive 15" or a cheaper 17"? I want to use the monitor to watch DVDs, to use basic Office software, to use the internet etc, and to play occasional games. I do spend quite a lot of time on the computer.

So, what should I look out for? Any particularly good brands, or brands to avoid? Any suggestions for specific models? I don't really want to spend any more than £150.

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