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car accidents

a while ago i posted how i was going to get my license test on wednesday but today this guy ran a red light and I ran right into the side of his car. (I was going five he was going fifty) He kind of stopped in the middle of the intersection after I hit him, gave me a dirty look, and then sped off.

the tow truck guy convinced me that this is somewhat rare but i don't know how much i trust the tow truck guy, he had a mustache.

so my questions are as follows:
a. have you ever been involved in an automobile accident?
b. how bad was the damage? (to yourself/passengers and the car)
c. was it your fault?
d. and how often is one involved in a hit and run?
e. do you think the police will actually catch this guy?

all i was able to give them was the phone number of another witness, the color of the car, the general look of the car (a pick up truck), and what he sort of looked like. you'd think someone would see this guys car with a huge mini van dent in the side of his truck, right?

oh! and the other witness guy chased him down the street but lost him. i have his phone number and from the police i could probably get his address. so i guess:

f. what should i do for this guy to say thank you for chasing somebody down the street for me?
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