Hello, it's Me. (ziggy_) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hello, it's Me.

I've been trying to get good photos of my boyfriend's band ever since they started playing shows. (over a year and a half now) The only photos I got where you could clearly make out the whole picture was with my digital camera. However, I own an old Canon T50 that I use. On the roll I recently used for their last show, all of my pictures came out with great quality except for the ones I took of them. Instead, those came out like this...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I did use a detatchable flash, set for i believe 25 feet. (whatever the lowest range was) I was right up front, so obviously i was closer than 25 feet. Does the flash have anything to do with the lack of contrast? Does anyone have any reccomendations for things such as shutter speed, flash settings, etc.? I appreciate any help! thanks.
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