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So, I'm walking home from work last night, it's about 10:05 PM, and I see some guy walking down on the opposite side of the street, up ahead of me. He's walking his dog, and his free arm is flailing freely back and fourth. Kinda funny cuz y'know.. that aint normal haha. Anyhoo, We get a bit closer and I heard 'WHAT'RE YOU LOOKIN AT??'

'???' *Looks straight ahead and says nothing*

Bit of a pause.

'I still don't believe you're a girl. That pony tail doesn't mean anything!'

'???' *hahahhaa In my head, but still look forward and SURE won't say anything now cuz this guys crazy and might keel me*

He then says some other things, I don't remember what.. All the while I'm walking on the other side of the road, and thank GOD I did cross the road, and he's stopped at the store across from me with his dog and eventually I'm not facing him so he stops saying things.

So - on drugs, or just a crazy person? My bet is he was on drugs.
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