goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. How often do you swear and which words/phrases are most frequent?

2. Did you swear as a kid, or at what age do you remember starting? Did it seem like a big deal, like you were breaking a rule?

3. Did your parents, or other adults in your life, swear around you when you were a kid (let's say, under 10)?

4. Do you swear around kids?

5. Do you think it has an influence if a parent doesn't swear in front of their child, or do you think they will be influenced by friends and media regardless of their parents not swearing?

6. How much time do you spend with your pets (even if they are just sleeping on your lap)?

7. Do you get jealous when your pets show affection to others and seemingly ignore you?

1. Just a "dammit" here and there, couple times a week. "Hella" more frequently, few tims a day, but that's debatable as "swearing."

2. Almost never. Not unless I was REALLY upset and it just slipped out as a single word reaction. Not until after high school. Didn't seem like I was "breaking a rule," I just felt stupid. It wasn't part of my personality so I knew it sounded strange coming from me, making it feel awkward in the rare occasion that I did swear. Well, still does, actually. Especially with more offenive words like "fuck"

3. Never ever. Even my aunts and uncles, who I were sure swore regularly, would hold their tongue around my sister and me.. because my parents never did.

4. Nope.

5. It's hard to say. I do think that MOST kids are going to be influenced to swear by their friends and TV... so I don't know why my parents not swearing influenced my sister and me so much.

6. The cat stays in my room, on my bed or n my lap, for hours at a time... but not everyday. For some reason he wants to spend some full days with my mom and other full days with me and nothing we do will change his mind of whom he wants to be with that day.

7. YES. When I see him laying on my mom's bed, up against her leg, and he just looks at me when I pass by the door... he doesn't react to me, seems like he couldn't care less that I exist that day... I get sooo jealous. Because other days, he;s stuck on me like a booger. No idea why he doesn't care for me on other days! But on that same note, I have no idea why he doesn't care for my mom on the days that he only wants to be with me.
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