Chocokid (chocokid) wrote in thequestionclub,

Relationship Questions

1. I am 18 (recently turned) and in my freshman year of college. It is weird to like a guy who is 17 (but will be 18 in a few months) and only in his senior year of high school? Do you think it would be strange if two people of this status started dating?

2. My best friend met this boy a couple of weeks ago and they really like each other. I am always with my friend so when she sees him (which has only been a few times) I am there because he always calls her while she is with me. They've hung out once without me. The other night my friend and I saw him, and after we left he text messaged her something to the extent of that he wished I wasn't there when they hung out. I can understand him wanting that, but why wouldn't he then just ask her to hang out? Why can't he just call a day or two in advance and make plans for just the two of them to hang out? Him saying that irked me a little and I don't want to not like him because he could possibly be going out with my best friend. Am I overreacting and should I just forget he said that? I want to but I can't lose this little nagging feeling I have about it.
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