Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

Pilodinal cyst removal

Well, I'll probably be getting a pilodinal cyst removed soon. By end of year at the latest.

Now, the concern I have is my job involves lots of driving. While I've read that you can drive fairly soon after the surgery, like a day or two, I drive like 5-6 hours per day to multiple sites. This would be harder than sitting for several hours- not only will I have my weight pressing down on the area, the car will be vibrating from the engine and rough roads.

Obviously, I will discuss this with my doctor too, but what tips would you all have for 1) Enabling me to return to work as soon aa possible, and 2) Making the driving as comfortable as possible, ensuring that the car vibrations do not irritate things enough to cause complications?

I'm not sure what the relevant sick leave laws and company regulations are, but even if I could take the full recovery time off, I wouldn't want to- I need the money. I wouldn't really be willing to take more than a week at most off.
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