a (punk_is_so_dead) wrote in thequestionclub,

Friends vs Aquaintances

Please take this poll about friends vs acquaintances.

Other questions I didn't include...

Which do you value more, having a few close friends that you don't really get to see often or having multiple or many casual friends that you get to see often, but you don't feel completely comfortable sharing the intimate details of your life with?

In order for you to consider someone a "close friend", what needs to happen? Do you tell your close friends EVERY detail of your life? Is it just someone you see frequently that knows the basics of your life (who you're dating, your opinion on them, and your opinion on other casual topics)?

Do you have to be friends with someone for a certain amount of time before you consider them a close friend - or do you think a friend could be like a soul mate who you connect with immediately?

Do you have trouble trusting people? If so, does this carry over to your friendships and not just romantic relationships?

Hmm... any other comments on friendship?
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