Megan Louise (winged_me) wrote in thequestionclub,
Megan Louise

Ohkay, my question is about harmony. I usually just do it by ear, but Im trying out for the school musical and shes going to ask me about harmony and play notes on a keyboard, so I need to practice! But, Im not sure whats going on. If you were to try and get the harmony of, lets say a C (as shown on the diagram above). you have your lower C and upper C, and in between A and F sound like harmony, so which is she going to hit? Can it be either? Is it, if you play the lower C, its the A, and the upper C is the F? What about if you were getting the harmony of a B? Would it be G and E, or do the intervals change? Jeez Im so confused : / I hope someone can help me lol this diagram took forever to make ~_~. If theres anything else you can add that I should know, please do. Thanks :D


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