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Unnnghghhghh hELpp meeee

BAH!!! I have ragweed allergies and it's just recently come into season..... and I'm DYING!! :(:(:( I feel like total shit, and pills don't help at all!!! I mean, they used to help a LITTLE and I could notice a change, but now it's as if I've taken nothing! And it's the same kind -- claritin for the 12 hour relief -- that I've been taking the year before. I've tried a few different ones, like reactine and 24hr claritin and yadda yadda in previous years, but I don't think switching pills will solve anything.

Or .. will it?! What brand of pills would you recommend the most for ragweed allergies?? Is there any kind of thing to take that is specific for ragweed - like if I went to a pharmacist and said 'hey nothings helping what else can I do specifically for ragweed allergies?' UnNGG I just want the insanity to stop!! I'm sick of waking up a million times in a night to blow my nose, which I can barely do cuz its too clogged to blow... to have an itchy throat or to sneeze my brains out or FEEL like I have to sneeze but it never happens.

Also - does anyone know WHY people get allergies? It's not some kind of genetic inheretence thing, right, because no one in my family has any kind of allergies. What is it about ME that made me get them?? I got them when I was 12 and am now 18...
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