goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Why do people often say "He knows his ABCs" and "He knows his colors"? Why the posessive?

2. Is there an argument that you and another person continually have that neither side will budge but it keeps coming up? Who is it and what is the the topic of argument?

3. How long do you keep bills, bank statements, and paycheck stubs before throwing them out?

4. Two different people at my work (in different departments, who don't even really know each other) each brought a box of a dozen donuts today. Nobody has ever brought donuts before. My sister also took a box of a dozen donuts today. We all laughed and then concluded that it was because people were in a good mood in anticipation of the 3-day-weekend... but we still couldn't decide on why donuts were brought.
a. Do you think it's weird that they all randomly brought donuts to work today?
b. Why do you think DONUTS were brought?
c. Did anybody bring donuts to your work today?

5. I had that name "Nona" in my head all day. Any idea where I heard it? I'm thinkg a kids TV show.. (by the way, it's not "Her name is Nona, she's a rocker with a nose ring..." from "She's the Girl All the Bad Guys Want" because it was that song that made me wonder where I heard it BEFORE. heh)

6. Do you keep your ketchup refrigerated or at room temperature?
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