Hannah (enchantress88) wrote in thequestionclub,

tqc, help me make a responsible decision.
i am supposed to leave for vacation in less than an hour. i felt really weird all yesterday evening and night, and a couple of hours ago, i woke up and puked in the bathroom. i feel better, but i still feel a little ill. i am supposed to carpool with 5 other people for an 8 hour drive. i have already paid for this trip, and it is really important to me (i have been going to the same place for six years now).
i know you all can't diagnose me over the internet, but do you think one instance of puking is enough that i should call off the trip for the sake of the others in the carpool? or do you think this sounds like just a bad food incident that will pass?

eta: i threw up again and i have a temp of 100, so we've decided i can't go, at least not now. :-( will you cheer me up with a sad story about a time you were sick and missed out on all the fun?
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