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I've only watched a little news since first hearing about the damage Katrina did. Figured they'd get the army in and clean it up soon enough. And then today, I check out the news, and...

Jeez... decent people fighting and looting and begging for help. Shoot to kill policies against those people. Some people murdered; others opening up stores to sell a few measly apples while most people just want something to feed their babies. Seven year olds raped. Toxic clouds now.

For people in the US: how do you feel about how katrina's aftermath is being dealt with? Do you agree with the shoot to kill policy against your own citizens, given the situation they're in? Do you think the response has been fast enough? Do you think that these people are just ruthless people taking advantage of an opportunity to be lawless, or do you think that lack of response has contributed to their reactions?

It seems to me that a lot of this could have been coped with better. Given that it is hurricane season, and that exercises and studies have been done on this previously, the response could have been prepared and ready beforehand. It also seems to me that, if that response had been ready, people could have been compassionately helped, instead of threatened with shoot-to-kill policies :(
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