(that girl) (likelyme) wrote in thequestionclub,
(that girl)


"So I was flicking through TV channels earlier and I stopped on the foreign news channel as you do. I didn't understand whatever language it was, so this is based entirely on what the pictures were.

But, as far as I could tell, someone has invented a new device for stopping and/or detecting rapists.
It was a plastic looking device that the woman could insert into.. herself, and then when the man decided to insert Tab A into Slot A as it were, it had like hooks on it so that when he pulled back out this thing would be attached to his .. member. Probably painfully, and quite possibly difficult to remove without doing fairly serious damage to the "man" in question.
I assume then that it would be a simple matter for the woman to say "i was using this device" and even if she didn't see his face or anything it'd be easy enough to find the guy with freaking claw marks on his schlong.. unless he didn't go to hospital about it."

What is this device called so I can learn more about it? (what country, how effective, etc.)
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