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Trying to find a song


I hope somebody here can help me.

There was a song that played at the end of the August 18th episode of Starved (an FX network show) which I really liked. It was slow moving with a piano and a woman singing. The words that she sang before the show cut to a commercial were:

"Good night, my love, good night. I hope the bedbugs bite. I hope your dreams..."

I've tried googling variations on that and came up with nothing. I watched the credits to see if they mentioned the song and/or artist. They didn't. I visited the FX website (didn't work on Firefox, so I tried IE and it did work there) and while I was able to get to most of the flash features on the site, when I clicked on "Message Board," I got a pop up with nothing in it.

Then I thought to visit the message board on and there was a nice handful of people asking the same question of "who sang that?" on one thread.

One person thought it was Jill Sobule. Another thought it might have been Amanda Kravat. A little over a week ago, I e-mailed both the contact address for Jill Sobule (on her website) and the FX contact address, but haven't heard back from either of them. I didn't contact Amanda Kravat, because I wasn't able to find a contact e-mail address for her (there was a site designer link, but I was iffy about contacting them).

Does anyone know this song? Does anyone know who sang it? I would be *very* grateful if anybody could give me any information.

Thank you! :)
Tags: music, tv
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