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A question of friendship

I need peoples opinions if I am being selfish or reasonable about this...

A friend of mine reserved some cabins to go camping this weekend, and this was reserved a good month or 2 in advance. I said I would go because I had nothing else planned. I mean, how booked can my weekends be 2 months in advance?

Anyway... Right before this weekend, I have been presented with an opportunity to do something I would enjoy far more. And the more I think about it, the less I want to go camping. I think I want to just blow off the whole trip for this alternative event.

Here is my logic,
A. I am not a big fan of camping anyway.
B. This is family and friends, and the family (including children) will put a damper on what would make it fun anyway, i.e. drinking, vulgarity etc.
C. My presence although welcome and enjoyed, is not a necessary component to the weekend.

I feel if I go that I will spend the whole weekend wishing I wasn't there, and being annoyed that family and children are there, so why go?

I have to follow my gut on this.

So am I a selfish jerk who is abandoning his friends for any little opportunity?
Or am I being reasonable, and just doing what I would rather do?

Advice is welcome :-)

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