Amanda (kawaiimamimi) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I'm in New Zealand right now doing an internship. My husband is going to a University in Wellington and we get bored one night and go out with his dorm friends, a lot of drunken 18 year-olds. Always amusing.

Now one of them is a girl who is half Maori. And she comes up to me as we walk from one bar to another and asks "Would I be considered black in America? Would people call me black?"

And I was amazed. I managed to say no, probably not. And then she asked what she would be called and I said probably Pacific Islander or something. And she said something like, "fuck that" and wandered off.

Now my question is what would would you have said had she asked you that? I'm genuinely curious what other people think about this. Because I was just like... buuuh?
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