BewareTheHumanRace (contrachamp) wrote in thequestionclub,

Weight lifting questions

I should have asked here sooner, but here goes.

I have a few exercise questions.

1. Since spring, I've been working out all summer about twice a week or so with a pair of dumbbells that I found. I'm doing every dumbbell exercise that I can think of, but I'm concerned I might be neglecting some muscles and end up all out of proportion from not working opposing muscles or something. Should I be worried about that? What'll happen?

Here's a what I've been doing:

* seated bent laterals (lifting 'em in an arc out to my sides while bent forward)
* seated dumbbell press (over my shoulders straight up)
* bicep curls
* tricep extensions (behind my head)
* Wrist curls (for the forearms)
* The weight-on-a-rope technique to work the opposing forearm muscles
* squat lifts
* calf raises
* tic-tocs (sideways torso exercise for the abdominal side muscles, usu. with 40-50 lbs.)

That's all the exercises I can think of. Also, without weights:

* push-ups
* sit-ups
* elbow-to-knee twists
* thigh lifts (inner and outer thighs)

2. Now I know that my hamstrings aren't included in this routine. I don't think I can do barbell lunges because I don't have a barbell. Is there any other way to work them?

3. What else is missing that I could be doing? Remember, all I have for equipment is a pair of dumbbells and 70 pounds of freeweights. Thanks in advance.

4. and does anybody know anything you can do about the soreness the next day? Maybe prevent it?
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