k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you spare me a little hope?

I'm in north central Louisiana. We've got thousands of shelters open, kids are able to go to school here, colleges are extending enrollment, all sorts of awesome stuff. School is closed tomorrow so bus drivers can go down to New Orleans and help evacuate the Superdome.

Meanwhile, the ward 9 people (to my understanding, a lot of them have partaken in the looting sprees) have been moved to an empty building maybe 15 minutes from my house and we're starting to run out of gas. There's talk of rationing gas starting next week.

Are things ever going to get better?

And do you agree that it sucks to be interviewed for a spot in a praise band and be turned down not because of your musical ability but because you aren't Christian enough for their liking? (it wasn't said, but it was definitely implied.)
Tags: hurricane katrina
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