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Can u plz halp me, tqc?

I'm visiting Tampa from Friday-Monday. I'll be there mainly to see my best friend, Trish, and her new daughter. I haven't seen Trish in 5 years. However, her dude, Eric squicks me out majorly, and has since high school. Always hitting on me, cheats on her blatantly, is just pretty awful. I'm supposed to be staying with them on Friday night, and in a hotel saturday and sunday. However, Trish JUST decided to let me know, 2 days before I get there, that she can neither drop me off or pick me up at the airport. I don't drive. Their house is 1/2 hour from the airport.  They want me to hang out/drink/crash on Friday night. So far, that's 'the plan'. I'm generally pretty not psyched about how she's treated the whole prospect of my visit...very nonchalant, super flakey.  Total cost of cab ride from the airport to her crib - $60,

However, My friend's band has a show on Friday in Orlando. It's a 2 hour train ride. We've been *~*e-frendz*~* for 4 years, but have never met in person. Total cost of  transit to the train station, train ticket there and back, cover charge, dinner and hotel, if I play it cheap: $100ish.

I'd like to save money, but I'd also like to not have the most miserable friday night ever. What do I do, Dr. Internetz?
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