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check mayan calendar date

Prophecies of spooky DOOM!

tl:dr · Nostradamus knew his stuff. He predicted the "King of Heaven", which was interpreted as either a meteor shower or a missile strike. On the date he had set for this to destroy the world it actually happened. Sure, we're all still here but on that very date Bill Clinton had bombers blow the shit outta a little place accross the sea that was ethnic cleansing parts of its population...

...and I figure from Nostradamus' point of view that probably looked like the end of the world.

Used to track a whole bunch of these and all but one has passed on by. The next biggie in the playbook is the end of the Mayan Calendar. Lots of people figure that it just means a great change, that when that particular day is over the next cycle will begin. They could be right. I for one figure expect the worse and if it doesn't turn out that pleasantly surprised.

So, come that fateful day of September 12 2012 I'll be doing up a BBQ for me and my neighbors. Not my greatest skill but if the world's ending I figure it won't matter.

What will you be doing?
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