bigevilnerd (bigevilnerd) wrote in thequestionclub,

Song title help...perhaps a bit obscure

Okay I am not exaggerating when I say this has plagued me for YEARS.

I heard a song on the radio many moons ago, and it was one of those old 'story' songs about the old west, you know the type, they sing about outlaws and gunfights and stuff of that nature. However I have NEVER been able to find the title or artist of this song, but I've retained this much information:

The chorus/theme of the song is about a man named Ringo.

The word "Equalizer" was used at one point in the lyrics. The line MAY have been, but I'm not sure "an equalizer in his hand" or "A loaded equalizer in his hand"

Sorry I don't have more but I'm lost...any help is vastly appreciated.
Tags: music
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