f1ymetothemoon (f1ymetothemoon) wrote in thequestionclub,

What could it be, other than pregnancy?

Period is five days late, three negative pregnancy tests. I’ve been queasy/nauseous, but have no other pregnancy symptoms. What else could it be? Doctor (on the phone) said maybe stress, and wait a week before coming in, but I don’t think I’ve been particularly stressed. The whole thing’s pissing me off. I’m too old to be pregnant (my opinion, not physically).

Also, I’m thinking about getting dinner from In-N-Out Burger. I like to order a grilled cheese and add a Boca Burger patty to it at home. My dilemma though... fresh onions or grilled? And should I eat my fries on the way home while they’re hot, or save them to eat alongside my burger?
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