Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

MLA question

Specifically, in-text citations.

Normally, you'd use author name and page number.

But if the part you are quoting is where the author quoted someone else, but did not provide the actual source of the quote(just lead into it with who said it), how do you do an in-text citation for this?

To get exactly specific, I am quoting Arisotle's definition of a tragedy as stated in Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama 6th Edition , by Robert DiYanni.  If I credit it to Aristotle, then the actual source for the quotation is obscured.  If I credit to DiYanni, the person who said it is obscured.

I'm thinking go with "Aristotle said 'bla bla bla'(DiYanni 1265)", is this correct? 

Given that Aristotle wrote in Greek, identifying the source of the English translation I'm using might be somewhat important.  I'd go to DiYanni's source directly if I knew what it was.
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